This is Fun, Fun, Fun

Great crowd showed up at the Dance Club Fasching (Mardi Gras)
at Germania on February 7th, 2015.
Eileen and Peter won 1-st "best couple" and Claudia the "individual best" prise

After a super-ball party the early birds can help sweep up the pasta before the class starts!

BOCES 2014 "Graduation",

Paul cuts his birthday cake. (November 2014)

Dancing Under the Stars August, 2014

Naughty Santa 2013

For more pictures, see: 2013 Christmas Party

In spite of the rain, our 2013 European Trip was delightful

We danced around Europe during our Ballroom Dance Trip -- May 12-26, 2011.

Ready for the ball in Budapest
We did other fun things

Covered Dish Christmas Party - December 19, 2010

The Casperkill bulls ready for the 2010 Christmas Show

To see pictures of the
2010 CHRISTMAS SHOW: the bulls, the charming cow, the toreador, the dancers and others in ACTION, click HERE and HERE

Charleston Dancers of the 2010 Graduating Class of The Culinary Institute of America with Esther

Dance Club December 2010 Complimentary dinner dance at Esther's Home

Dancing Under the Stars. July 2010

Buffet During Dancing Under the Stars. July 2010

Covered Dish Christmas Party - December 13, 2009

Tango Dancers

Our Wonderful Christmas Show Cast

Mrs and little Santa! Vera and Yuen's baby!

Here is Rudof the red nosed Aldeer!!

Do you really think he is a toy Sana?!

European Ballroom Dance Trip May 2009

Ready for the International Ball in Budapest

Cocktail Party - January 9, 2009

Am I sitting in the wrong lap?

Christina - do you think he is Santa Claus?!

All legs - what few cocktails do to women!

Ira, you have lovely legs!