Ballroom Dancing with
Ben & Mark

Waltz performance with Ben.
Theater show, 1982.
Ben is now dancing with the Angels in Heaven

Bolero performance with Mark
University Club NYC, January,2020.
We are privileged to have Mark as our instructor.
What we do? Class schedules, wedding dances
Parties, Events, and The Dance Club

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What we do

With many years of teaching, choreographing, performing and lecturing experience, we offer:
  • private and group classes
  • arrange dance events and parties
  • offer dance-related lectures and dance demonstrations
  • visit different venues, provide dance music and get the audience on its feet with mixers, dance anecdotes and instructions
  • choreograph and teach wedding dances

At a dinner dance

November 2023

2024 Winter Dance Class Schedule

  • Date: Monday, January 22 (8 weeks)
    • Place: BOCES, Salt Point Center (SPC) gym, Boces Rd. POK.
    • Time: 6:00 pm Intermediate ballroom, Latin, swing
      7:00 pm Basic ballroom/Latin
      8:00 pm Disco Hustle
    • Tuition: $104pp & $10 facilitiess fee.
    • Call: Molly 486-4800 ex.6101 or 635-3341
    • To register, go to: Social Dance Classes (Ballroom, Latin, Swing)
      No class: 02/19

  • Date: Tuesday, January 23 (8 weeks)
    • Place: Arlington High School, Rt. 55, LaGrange
    • Time: 6:00 PM Basic ballroom, Latin
      7:00 PM Intermediate/advanced ballroom, Latin, Swing
      8:00 PM Chacha, Salsa, Merengue special
    • Tuition: $99 pp
    • To register:
      Contact: Linda 486-4860 ex.32102 or 635-3341

  • Date: Thursday, January 25 (8 weeks)
    • Place: St. John's Ev. Lutheran Church Hall, 55 Wilbur Blvd.POK
    • Time: 6:00 Basic ballroom & Latin
      7:00 PM Intermediate ballroom & Latin 8:00 PM Advanced ballroom, Latin, Swing
      student choice of dance
    • Tuition: $99 pp
    • To register contact Esther 845 635-3341 or


Wedding dance instruction and private lessons are for all levels of dancers from basic to advanced. For information and reservation, contact Esther 845 535-3341, Private Classes are ongoing all seasons - Contact Esther: 845 635-3341,

Guide to help you select the appropriate class.

  • Basic & low-intermediate ballroom, Latin and Swing are for you if you never danced before or took only one basic class. Also, if you did not dance for a while and want a refresher, you will be happy in this class. Dances covered include: waltz, foxtrot, rumba, merengue or any other dance students request;
  • Special dance class (swing, Latin, Tango, etc) concentrates on the selected dance and you will learn many different patterns in that dance
  • Intermediate ballroom, Latin and Swing. If you have taken several classes in the past, but don't consider yourself an advanced dancer, this class is for you.
  • Advanced ballroom, Latin and Swing. If you are well versed in several dances and go out dancing regularly, you will be conditioned to learn any of the advanced patterns we teach. During the session, we can either work on a variety of dances or select a special one that students select. The current class voted for the Rumba.
Class Fees varie depending on the sponsoring organization. For information, please contact Esther 845 635-3341;

Some students from our Arlington High School class.
(Fall 2023).

Parties and Events

Dance parties and events are announced during classes and in monthly email memos.

Ernie and Jayne are ready for Halloween


We go to monthly dinner dances and other events
  • Place: Germania Club, Degarmo Rd. Poughkeepsie
  • Event: Biergarten dinner dance (Dinner $15)
  • Date: Dates are announced via email and at classes
  • Time: 6pm to 10pm
  • Entrance Fee for non-member guests: $5
  • Band: Live music by different groups such as Carmelo Liardi band
  • Menu: Featured meal announced later but Bratwurst Dinner is always on the menue
  • Reservation: we reserve a table for our students, so if you wish to join us, please call, or email me (Esther)in a timely manner: 845635-3341;

Our dancing friends at Germania's Annual Gala April 1

Celebrating Valentine Day

We love our Dancing Angels and our wonderful instructor Mark

Fun stuff

For recent Fun Stuff, click: Recent fun fun fun

Formal affairs are always fun

Some of us at the Strauss ball in February

Ballroom and Latin Dance Club of the Hudson Valley

The Ballroom and Latin Dance Club of the Hudson Valley (BLDCHV) has over 30 successful years of history. The Club holds monthly dances in various locations. Dinner dances, tea dances, Biergarten, etc. After the Covid hiatus, we are ready to start again. JOIN the DANCE CLUB!! Membership dues are $40 per year. For application information, please contact Esther . All selected locations have hard-wood floors,lovely ambiance, and live music. Club members receive a discount at all affairs. Reservations required. Members and guests are most welcome!

For Dance party pictures, click BLDCHV and Gallery of Photos

Where can you go dancing?

Some Dutchess County private Clubs have ballroom/Latin dances at regular intervals. Dances are announced during classes and via monthly emails.
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